Helsinki. A couple of customers Kotiharju sauna relaxing on the street in freezing temperatures for a few minutes between sauna and sauna. This public sauna located in the city center, the only one that still warms the water timber. Kotiharju Sauna - Wood-burning, Enjoy the best authentic traditional sauna in Helsinki The Finnish sauna is a must for visitors to Helsinki. And the famous Sauna is the only remnant Kotiharju public sauna in Helsinki wood. Only wood saunas allow you to enjoy the gentle heat of the traditional sauna experience. - Separate saunas for men and women - in public saunas Finnish State. - Wood stoves give off much heat huge soft, relaxing steam. - Want a real treatment? Try a massage for sore muscles, and then ask for a bathroom attendant to thoroughly clean from head to toe. And then again in the sauna bench - relaxation guaranteed! Traditional treatments are also available. - No reservations, no rush. Enjoy your stay as long as you want - see last page for opening times. The towels and soft drinks available. - Easy access by tube (7 min), tram or bus (15 min). A 2 km from the main train station (map on the last page). Provide original Finnish Sauna Sauna Kotiharju since 1928, built in 1928, has maintained its original architecture over the decades. Customers range from the usual bachelor neighbors and students and teachers of the university facilities nearby. Part of the inimitable experience Kotiharju is to solve the world's problems with fellow bathers in the soft steam sauna and then cool outdoors in front of the sauna. In Kotiharju, there is room for 20 -?? 30 swimmers in the top banks, where heat and steam (löyly) are the best (and hottest). And if you like at least warm, no more space on the lower banks. In practice, löyly means pouring some water on the hot rocks - no running water on the stove (kiuas). The old rule is that whoever sits in the hottest place you can decide whether or not to make löyly. The family sauna Kotiharju today and managed by Risto Holopainen Merja. The sauna was renovated in 1999 with financial support from the Foundation Culture of Capital Helsinki. Sauna Oy Kotiharjun Harjutorinkatu 1, 00500 Helsinki, FINLAND firewood Separate saunas for men, women and families and groups. Towels, refreshments, laundry, massages and treatments available folk medicine. Opening hours: Tuesday-Friday 2-8 pm, open until 10 pm Sat 1-7 pm, open until 9 pm and Risto Holopainen Merja Tel / Fax. +358-9-753 1535 Int Kotiharju prices Sauna Sauna Adults EUR 8,00 / person Retirees and students of EUR 6,50 / person Children (12-16) EUR 4,00 / person Towel EUR 1.50 / piece "Pefletti" Elimination seatcover 0.20 EUR / piece "Vihta" fresh or dried EUR 3.00 / piece Frozen 4,00 EUR / piece Laundry Service EUR 6,00 / person Rentsauna 1 hour 8.00 euros / person 2 hours EUR 10,00 / person 3 hours 12,00 euros / person Call tel. +358-9-753 1535 Tel Int Int Massage +358-40-737 8075 Tel Åke Wangel Folk medicine treatments. Massage Int Sanna +358-40-838 8963 and Ilmarinen Subject to be changed. Legends: Renowned Kotiharju gentle heat has helped solve the problems of life since 1928. There is also an electrically heated sauna for small groups and families. Clean from top to bottom ... The kitchen has a 1500 kg (3300 lb) of stones. No wonder it takes one cubic meter (35 cubic feet) of records and five hours to six hot glowing heat.