Helsinki. Cosy Evening Sauna. Some families in Helsinki meetings organized for visitors who teach in the city and also have the possibility of ending up in this family house enjoying a snack and taking a sauna with family at home. In site is all the information. Cosy Finland offers the opportunity to learn about the Finnish lifestyle. We have a unique way to do that through a local organization that provides daily life. You may even be invited to the home or other private settings Finnish! MEET THE Finns in Finland - all year round and in all weather conditions Concept includes many different services for individual travelers and groups, business or pleasure, all based on reaching travelers and locals together . The most popular service is the Finnish Cosy night, a three-hour dinner visit a Finnish home. It is a perfect place to experience the Finnish lifestyle. Check out a video on Cosy Finnish Evening. You have a unique opportunity to ask questions and learn about the culture and everyday life in Finland. There are multiple language options. Cosy Finnish Evening can be arranged for individuals and groups. In order to make the visit as pleasant as possible the ideal number of guests is 1-4 persons / household. We like to give all individual experience and therefore, the largest groups are divided into several houses. The hosts are carefully selected for each network service Cosy Finland hosts. The hosts are willing to tell about life in Finland - routine and habits to the traditions of the country. As a company we aim to provide QUALITY1000 services that meet your satisfaction. Quality We are participating in 1000, the national quality program for the tourism industry. You can also follow us on Facebook Cosy Finland - Finnish Lifestyle.