Helsinki. Sauna Arla, one of the few remaining old public saunas in the city, at the corner of an apartment block in the yard Kallio, Helsinki response to Dalston. There are stairs artists studios, and a growing clientele hip. Anu, a journalist who we meet there, says that after years of disgrace, public saunas are becoming fashionable again:. "People who have in their apartments, but is becoming very popular as a social thing new "there's even a new public sauna in project by architect Tuomas Toivonen and his wife Nene Tsuboi Japanese designer, who was inspired by a quote that had been found by Alvar Aalto, the national hero of Finnish design. Already in 1925, he proposed a "Cultural Sauna" as "a national monument, the first of its kind" and 80-odd years later, Toivonen and Tsuboi are trying to make it happen.