Helsinki. The swimming Yrjonkatu (Yrjonkadun Uimahalli, Yrjonkatu 21b, phone 09 310 8740 1) Why locals love? Wonderful piece of architecture and the first public indoor pool in Finland since 1928. It has 25-meter pool, an electric sauna, a steam sauna and a heated wooden sauna. Bathing suits have been allowed since 2001. Why you should visit? You can rent a cabin on the 2nd floor which includes a towel, a bathrobe and a seat cover. The building is an impressive example of the 1920 classic and is a building of historical and architectural importance. Try the "Cafe Yrjö", located on the 2nd floor and order of garlic snails (11 €). Special tip: Days separate swimming for men and women (Women: Mon, Wed, Fri, Sun Men:. Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday).