Patio outside the Church of Debre Sina Maryam. Flowers rampant and a local boy is wearing the shirt of FC. Barcelona. Gorgora, immediately adjacent to the camp, also has plenty of cultural attractions. It has a church dating from 1334 (rebuilt in 1608) which has beautiful frescos Copts. A few kilometers from the site are the ruins of a 17th century palace and cathedral of Susenios Emperor. From the ruins has a beautiful view across Lake Tana. The base camp is on the banks of Lake Tana, a natural lake fed by a multitude of rivers and streams in the northern highlands. The lake has 37 islands, twenty of which have churches of the 16th and 17th centuries and monasteries. They are still in use and many of them can be seen. The nature around Lake Tana is also overwhelming. The lake itself is known for its abundance of bird species. Along the coast and on islands in the lake's ancient trees where many species of birds, such as weavers, born offspring and their offspring. The lake also attracts any number of water birds like fish eagles, ibis, storks, herons, pelicans and kingfishers silver. Besides birds, the lake is home to hippos, hyenas, antelopes, baboons Nile lizards, and many other species.