Portrait of a young woman selling souvenirs near the debram Maryam monastery on Lake Tana. This lake is the largest Ethiopian lakes with 85 km long, 65 wide and a depth of approximately 14 meters. Dot the lake over 37 islands and its shores are Gorgora peninsulas, and Zeghe Mendabba (the closest and most visited for its proximity to the city). Obviously, visiting monasteries that are located within the lake, is the most important reason, but also for nature lovers and especially for ornithologists as they will have the opportunity to see storks, herons, eagles, parrots and so to 823 of which 16 species are endemic to Ethiopia, also sometimes can see crocodiles and hippos but I will say that I have not noticed anything. The islands are home to more than 20 Christian monasteries in the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries, and some treasured works of art, manuscripts, relics and impressive paintings. What I like least is that many of them are allowed only to men. The lake transport is effected in small motor boats can be rented at the piers and negotiate the price according to the monasteries to visit. It is also common to observe the fishermen sail their craft boats made ??of papyrus leaves called "tankwas" whose design may have more than a thousand years old.