Rarotonga Island. Cook Island. Polynesia. South Pacific Ocean. Highland Paradise Cultural Village. A girl dressed in traditional cook island costumes dance during the Highland Paradise Cultural Village show. This 600 year old village site was home to the famous Tinomana Tribe but was abandoned in the early 1800s with the introduction of Christianity. The Pirangi family, descendants of the original High Chief Tinomana, has ensured the survival of this 205 acre mountain refuge by re-discovering and re-opening it to Cook Islanders and visitors alike. Now once again, you can experience the strong and meaningful spiritual bonds associated with the land, the maraes and the people (past and present) of this unique and colourful tribe. During your hours at Highland Paradise, you will discover ancient, significant places and examples of worship, chiefly council, warfare, sacrifice, tribal justice, home making, agriculture, medicines, fishing, education and canoe voyaging. We have reproduced buildings, re-installed artefacts and uncovered sites of great importance to our people. The 25 developed acres are but a tiny part of this site, but within this area you will relive the village as it was for more than 500 years. Native, introduced and medical plants are abundant and the gardens a delight to behold.