Rarotonga Island. Cook Island. Polynesia. South Pacific Ocean. Highland Paradise Cultural Village. Some of the actors of Highland Paradise Cultural Village with polynesian dress. The unique Cook Islands culture is continually evolving and today you can discover it as it was in pre-missionary times. This tour is the perfect way to view the island and get an insight into the sacred rites and traditions of the forefathers of Rarotongans. Highland Paradise is a traditional Marae situated 509 metres above sea level and boasts approximately 205 acres of beautiful transcending gardens and panoramic views of the aqua lagoon, fringing coral reef and Pacific Ocean. This breathtaking site has been a haven for families, warriors and chiefs for centuries. The ‘Are Kario’, or Hall of Cultural Entertainment, has been designed to take advantage of the spectacular views and to offer shelter as you enjoy some of Rarotonga’s top entertainment! The show’s sensuous dancing and pounding drums are typical of the island and considered to be amongst the best in the South Seas. Highland Paradise offers a truly interactive experience allowing visitors to personally relive Polynesian yesterdays through a gentle guided stroll amongst the lush gardens, historical areas and towering native trees. Local guides are experts in local crafts, legends, local tribal history, flora and fauna and traditional medicines.