Rarotonga Island. Cook Island. Polynesia. South Pacific Ocean. A Polynesian sounds the conch shell in the Highland Paradise Cultural Village show.  Highland Paradise Cultural Village located on Mangaroa Mountain. This 500 year old village was once lost in time and taken over by the surrounding jungle, but has since been rediscovered and opened to visitors. En route to this 200 acre site, your guide will inform you about the lives of the native Cook Islanders prior to the arrival of the missionaries. Upon arrival at the village, you will begin your immersion into the local culture by learning about the spiritual marae and voyaging skills of the island's forefathers. Here, you will view perfect replicas of village houses as they once stood, along with sacred placs of worship, where battles were fought and the site of human sacrifices. You will also see the High Chief's rock throne and canoe navigator's compass rock along with discovering how important the coconut tree is, the many ways of tying the colorful pareu and how to make flower garlands. You will also have the opportunity to sample some of the local cuisine and tropical fruit. The highlight of your visit will be a passionate and colorful performance of native dancing and music that embraces the true spirit of the island's culture.