Boys play with sheets in a village near the camp Khwai River Lodge by Orient Express in Botswana , within the Moremi Game Reserve Wild . Botswana. The most important artistic heritage of Botswana lies in the legacy of the Bushmen , a tribe could take form millenary , on the walls of caves and rocks , his deep spirituality . The rock art reflects the view that the people of the world had Bushman . The beauty and sensibility of his paintings Hunter expresses respect for the dam , which according to their beliefs will be found after his death . Originally from another tribe , basketry is also a tradition that goes back centuries , when each container still had a specific use and workmanship mingled magical practicality and its people. Designs of names such as " The First Rains " , " The Way of the Buffalo" or "Tears of the Giraffe " in their designs symbolize the importance of livestock and water in a barren world where goods are scarce and deserve to be celebrated . both. When Europeans introduced a new aesthetic , local artists interpreted it under the canons of their culture , resulting in a symbiosis of styles that would eventually have its own identity . The embroidered bedspreads , carpets and tablecloths combine African issues with European designs . You could say that Botswana currently has a unique art . The carving of wood, which remains one of the art forms most common , also involved the African heritage and European double . Not so with the country's indigenous pottery , which remains true to its origins . HOLIDAYS in Botswana is considered that a day is not enough to celebrate an event noted, so they have become specialists in ' the next day ' . Officially holidays are : - January 1 . New Year. - January 2 : ' the next day ' ( New Year ) . - Easter: 4 days. Celebrate Good Friday, Saturday, Easter Sunday and ' the next day ' ( Monday) . - Ascension Day 40 days after Easter Sunday. - July 19 : President's Day . - July 20 : ' the next day ' ( the President ) . - September 30 : National Day. - October 1 : ' the next day ' ( National Holiday ) . - 25 , 26 and December 27 : Christmas.