Some local tribes living on the edge of the reserve near Camp Khwai River Lodge by Orient Express in Botswana , within the Moremi Game Reserve Wild . Botswana. The first inhabitants of present Botswana were probably ancestors of the San ( also known as Bushmen ) hunters and gatherers , who now inhabit the arid steppes of south-western Botswana , and the Khoikhoi , from the north. Bantu -speaking tribes arrived in the region in the first century BC The ancestors of the Tswana , (now majority nation ) , were installed between the eleventh and twelfth centuries in the plains of the Vaal River (now the South African province of Transvaal ) . The Tswana were merged into eight powerful clans . The clan rivalries did not allow the Tswana create a kingdom like other nations in southern Africa . The music and dance is one of the strongest and most interesting attractions of Botswana. Both are linked and is characterized by its upbeat rhythms and catchy . In the Cultural Center Maitisong can appreciate music performances of all types as well as traditional dances. They are also cause for great celebration in the city national holidays Independence Day Botswana ( September 30 ) , Presidents' Day ( in July) and the Sir Seretse Khama Day ( July 1 ) . Worth staying a few days in Gaborone and its surroundings have great cultural villages , landscapes and nature reserves, mines , cave paintings and crafts. The city also offers several malls for shoppers , find crafts , wood, jewelry and souvenirs . Gaborone , offers a variety of accommodations and restaurants from very affordable to luxury