Our guide currency something in the Khwai River on safari in the Okavango Delta Khwai River camp near Lodge of Orient Express in Botswana, within the Moremi Game Wildlife Reserve, Botswana. The Okavango is an African river 1,700 km that covers three southern African countries. Born in Angola and then takes a southeasterly direction to cross a small strip of Namibia and finally into Botswana, which comes to an end. Given the great rivers of our planet (Amazon, Nile, Mississippi, Yangtze, Yellow ...) known for its length or its flow, or both, the Okavango River would totally unnoticed. However, it has a special feature, very special that makes it different and makes you stand out. And it is a river that ran into a dead end and was not able to reach the sea, they also found that another river to obtain from its waters and also helps keep the waters of a lake. The Okavango River is a river that flows ... in the middle of a desert. Yes, you read that right, empties into the Kalahari Desert. There at the end of the rainy season (October to April), the water stop, flooding a vast plain known as the Okavango Delta. When you return to the dry season (May to September), the water is disappearing, partly filtered underground, partly evaporated and only remnants are river sediments have deposited. The flood season the river is used by the animals, who come in search of water and pasture abundant fresh (herbivores) and plenty of water and fresh meat (carnivores). At its delta can be seen during the rainy season lions, leopards, cheetahs, wild dogs, elephants, antelopes, rhinos, zebras, gazelles, buffalo ... that is, virtually all of Africa's most iconic animals. By the way, the Okavango Delta Lions have a special feature that has no other lions, but I leave it to you to find what is that thing that distinguishes them.