Typical landscape flooded Okavango Delta Khwai River camp near Lodge of Orient Express in Botswana, within the Moremi Game Reserve Wild. Undoubtedly, the Okavango Delta, is the exception to all rules. This is the only marshland around the world that flows into the sea, it is installed in the middle of the Kalahari Desert. It occupies about 15,000 square kilometers in northern Botswana and hosts a nature reserves and stunning richest in Africa. With these peculiar characteristics can already imagine that here you can see, live and direct, flora and fauna most unusual and fascinating continent. Get ready for Africa in its purest form. The natural habitat of the delta is formed by a great diversity of plant and animal species, highlighting a variety of fish and birds of all colors, among which the Martial Eagle. The bird avistadotes will not be enough ... Hiding from the delta, we can find: hippos, crocodiles, impalas, zebras, elephants, buffalo, wild boar .... But one of the main attractions of this area is that you can see the big 5 mammals, the famous big five: lion, leopard, elephant, rhino and buffalo. It is said that the lions that live here, are the only swimmers. They have been able to adapt to the change in water level for hunting antelopes and impalas survive and not starve. There are different ways of knowing the delta, the choice will depend on your tastes and preferences. It will take you walking safaris, boat or mokoro. Perhaps the most special way to do this is with mokoros, a kind of wooden canoes used by the locals to scroll through the channels. They usually have room for two people, and the lead hand. Being a silent transport, will allow you to get closer to the local animals. The best time to visit the delta is a function of what you want to see. The rainy Okavango Delta is between November and April. It is the best time for birding and vegetation explosive show in every corner. On the contrary, if what is sought is the observation of large animals, the best period is between May and October, when the water recedes and these are concentrated around water and is easier to find. Regardless of when you visit the Okavango Delta should not miss for anything in the world, one of its sunrises and watch the dancing waters mist mistaken. Also do not forget the sun, the light of Africa is unsurpassed.