Some kids next to a young mother dressed in western clothes Batawana camp. In the vicinity of Camp Eagle Island Camp by Orient Express, outside the Moremi Game Reserve in Botswana there is a camp where they live a hundred Batawana Indian tribe. You can canoe trips to visit their village. Tswana Religion: Christianity and African traditional religion. Related ethnic groups. Other Bantu peoples of South Africa. The Tswana are a people of southern Africa. The Tswana language belongs to the Bantu group of the Niger-Congo languages. Ethnic Tswana make up about 80% of the population of Botswana. In the nineteenth century, the common spelling and pronunciation of Botswana was Bechuana. Therefore, the Europeans referred to the area inhabited by the Tswana as Bechuanaland. In the Tswana language, however, Botswana is the name for the country of the Tswana. Dynasties and tribes BOTSWANA The modern Republic of Botswana is named for the Tswana people. Eight major tribes Tswana-speaking country. All have a traditional Paramount Chief, Kgosikgolo style, you are entitled to a seat in the Upper House of Parliament and Dikgosi Ntlo. Tswana dynasties are all related. The three main branches of the Tswana tribe formed during the 14th century. Three brothers, Kwena, Ngwaketse and Ngwato, separated from his father, chief Malope, to establish their own tribes in Molepolole, Kanye and Serowe, probably in response to drought and expansion of populations in search of pasture and farmland . The main Tswana tribes are Bangwaketse Bakgatla Barolong Bakwena Batawana Balete Batlokwa Bangwato SOUTH AFRICA The largest number of ethnic Tswana people actually live in South Africa. They are one of the largest black minorities, and Tswana is one of the eleven official languages ??of South Africa. Until 1994, South African Tswana people were theoretically citizens of Bophuthatswana, one of the few bantustans as intended by the apartheid regime, 1948-1994. The Chiefs of the following Tswana political organizations are Kgosi style: Bafokeng Bafokeng Batlhaping Motlatla Bafokeng Ba Ga, divide by 1800 in Batlhaping Bagaphuduhudu Batlhaping Bagaphuduhutswane. Batlhaping Maidi Batlhaping Ba Ba Ga Ga Ga Mothibi Sedumedi Batlkwa Batlkwa Batlokwa Ba Ba Boo Matlapane Barlng Bogatsu Barratlou Batlokwa divided into Barlng Barratlou Barlng Boomariba Barratlou Barlng Boomakgobi Barratlou Barlng Booseitshiro Boo Ba Ga Ratlou Barlng Phoi Barrapulana Barlng Barlng Baseleka Barlng Ratshidi Boo Ba Ba Ga Molefe Makgobi Moata Barlng Barlng Boo Ba Ga Ba Ga Barlng Lefifi Bahurutshe Moroka. The name may have been written historically Bahhurutshe. Bahurutshe Mothogae Bahurutshe Ba Ba Ga Ga Ga Gopane Bahurutshe Ba Ba Le-NCOE Bahurutshe Ga Ga Suping Mokgoswa Bahurutshe Bakgatla Ba, divided into Bakgatla Ba Kgafela Bakgatla Mosetlha Bakgatla Ba Ba Bakgatla Ba Mocha Mmakau Seabe Bakgatla Bakgatla Ba Ba Ba Ga Mmanaana Mocheche Bakwena Bakgatla Bakwena Bakwena Molopyane Ga Ba Ba Ba Mare Magopa Bakwena Phogole Tebe Bakwena Ba, also known as Boo Bakwena Bantwane Mmatau Modimosana Bakwena Ga Ba Ba Ba Ga Sechele dwell Batlharo Bakwena divided into: Batlharo Lotlhware Batlharo Ba Ba Ga Ga Ga Masibi Ba Mogale BAPO Baphalane BAPO Baphalane Ramokoka Mantserre Ba Ba Ba Ga Batlhako Mabe Boo Baphiring Mututu Bataung Bataung Moubane Ba Ba Ba Hlalele Baphuting Ga Ga Shole Nawa Batloung Bakubung Ba Ba ba ga Ratheo Marakwana Bakubung Ba Ba Nare Barokologadi Batlhako Batlhalerwa Maotwa Batlhako Ga ba ba Leema Batlhako Matutu.