Grandfather portrait in Batawana camp. In the vicinity of Camp Eagle Island Camp by Orient Express, outside the Moremi Game Reserve in Botswana there is a camp where they live a hundred Batawana Indian tribe. You can canoe trips to visit their village. The Republic of Botswana is a landlocked country in southern Africa, with an approximate size of France. It has a population of about 1.9 million inhabitants, most of whom live in the east, the most fertile area of ??the country. The official language and Setswana culture is predominantly belonging to people known as Batawana. There are also many San tribes in the desert region. Botswana has democratic tradition - kgotla system, rooted in Setswana culture based on a system of democracy and freedom of expression where all people have the right to say what they think. Formerly the British protectorate of Bechuanaland, adopting the new name Botswana to declare independence as part of the Commonwealth on September 30, 1966. Bordered by South Africa to the south and southeast, Namibia to the north and west, and Zimbabwe to the northeast. It meets Zambia at a single point. Botswana is known for its political stability, its people friendly and compassionate, and her diamonds. It is the largest exporter of diamonds in the world. The country is mostly flat, and in addition to the delta and desert areas has grasslands and savannas. The savannahs are home to wildebeest, lots of antelopes, and other mammals and birds. Much of the country is occupied by the Kalahari Desert, which makes a valuable water well. The currency is the Pula, which means rain in Setswana. This gives us an idea of ??the value that gave the water - raindrops were considered as the closest thing to money. The 17% of the country has been allocated to reserves and parks, over 10% internationally recommended and Northern Botswana has one of the few large herds of the endangered African Wild Dog. It also has the largest population of elephants in Africa.