A 4x4 passes by several baobabs stationed along the road near the camp Savute Elephant Camp by Orient Express in Botswna , in the Chobe National Park . If we discover one of the world 's rarest trees , we can not take a look at Baobab or Adansonia . From Africa , not known for the beauty of its foliage and the showy and aroma of flowers and fruits , rather, lack of it , and therein lies its charm. With an almost prehistoric, but does not reach the size of a giant redwood , the truth is that your hand, anyone feel small . There are eight species of baobab , seven of which are found in Africa , six are endemic to Madagascar and one in Australia . It is one of the iconic trees of the African island , and as many plant species , its origin holds a legend. They baobab in Africa was one of the most beautiful trees of the continent, admired by all for their foliage and flowers. His vanity grew so much that the gods punished him , burying its branches and exposing their roots. Indeed , it seems an inverted tree with its branches spread in anarchic order , aims seek forgiveness from the gods. A very peculiar tree can reach a height of more than thirty meters and a width that reaches twelve feet in diameter. These dimensions vary depending on the species: Adansonia digitata , native to continental Africa , or randidieri adansonia , Madagascar, can measure more than 25 meters , while the variant of Australia , Adansonia gibbosa , rarely reaches ten meters and rubrostipa adansonia usually measured half . Her appearance impressed Antoine de Saint - Exupéry in a way that made ??them the stars of one of the chapters of his masterpiece, " The Little Prince " . In addition , the extraordinary longevity of these trees is one of his characteristic : can reach up to 3,000 years. The baobab is a deciduous tree , which has only foliage in the summer months , the rest of the year, its branches remain bare , a blow to the bearing which , according to tradition , had in his day. It has a smooth trunk with a wood composed of multiple fibers , so it is used routinely to make baskets or paper . This wood is it possible that within the tree can store thousands of gallons of water that the plant will consume during times of severe drought , quite common in Africa . Its flowers , which are yellow or white, open at night , and are pollinated by bats . They , like the trunk, practical utility , since the adhesives are produced pollen . The fruit, which is edible , provides vitamin C. It also can be ground or roasted , to make a drink similar to coffee.