Savute Elephant Camp by Orient Express is located in the dry Savute Channel in Chobe National Park . The experience here is radically different from the other southern safaris Orient- Express , to be in the rugged, semi-arid northern jungle region of Botswana. Savute personifies the eternal contrast of Africa. If the other two camps boast of its waters and lush vegetation, Savute is a lesson in aridity. The rain in this land so dry is scarce and precious . Set in the mysterious Savute Channel - an eccentric waterway decades ranging from completely dry or flooded , the whole ethos of the Savute Elephant Camp is in line with its inhabitants and the environment, even though no water has flowed from 1983. In Savute you discover how little they have changed their dry plains since time began . And also the privilege of being in one of the last corners of the planet governed by nature. This area is famous for its spectacular birds and landscapes, but also offers the opportunity to see the cave paintings of the Bushmen who first inhabited the region. The camp is located in the Chobe National Park , where the regulatory rules prohibit driving or walking at night. Director : Warren Stone Animal Life : Everyday , at dawn or dusk as a professional ranger 4X4 safari guide you through so you can see how many and impassive graze herds of Impala , tsessebe , giraffes and zebras and a wide variety of powerful predators : lions , leopards and cheetahs. It is also likely to see many wildebeest , warthogs , kudu , black backed jackal , antelope , bat-eared foxes , vultures , hornbills and eagles. Savute , elephants reign supreme , is home to the largest concentration of African elephants in the world and the ideal location to discover the largest creatures on the planet in its heyday . When the rains come December , this completely changes arid dry plains and maintain , for a short period , herds of zebras migrating by the thousands. On their way they encounter opportunistic predators like lions and hyenas. Truly a sight to behold. Accommodation: The 12 luxury tents and thatched roof are equipped perfectly for the desert air and superbly appointed with shower and dressing room. They also have private terraces, and two of them have outdoor showers overlooking the Savute Channel