Cave paintings near Camp Savute Elephant Camp Botswna Orient Express in Chobe National Park . Chobe National Park wet and dry cycles shape the landscape and dictate the nature of the wild inhabitants of the plain. Acclaimed worldwide for its abundance of animals, Savute promises an unforgettable experience . Here the crocodiles swimming in the same channel where wild dogs hunted only a few years ago. Beyond , the hills of home Gubatsa leopards and paintings of the life of primitive men once inhabited the area. Animals . Chobe National Park is known for the high concentration of elephants, with more than 50,000 is the largest grouping of these adorable elephants in Africa. The baobab tree . Chobe National Park is home to the baobab tree . These wonderful trees are thousands of years and can reach heights of up to thirty meters ( 98 feet). The baobab is an integral part of the ecological system and is often home to a wide range of animals, from tiny creatures to larger mammals. In fact, hollow baobabs have been used as shops , houses and even a prison.