During the game we are quite safari giraffes groups near Camp Savute Elephant Camp by Orient Express in Botswna, in the Chobe National Park. The giraffe is an animal unmistakable, rangy body covered in stains is unusual, and most people enjoy watching it. In fact they are one of the most popular animals in zoos worldwide. It is also the highest, but that does not stop it from becoming prey to a variety of meat eaters. They are very quiet and feed on plants from their natural habitat. At the top of the trees found most of the food we consume. This means that food availability have more than other animals. They are sociable. Females tend to be very good in their herds. Young males are very competitive, because the power depends on the right to mate with females. You can spend a very long time before they are strong enough to be able to mate, why they have been seen engaging in sexual behavior with other males. Each giraffe is unique in the world, have their own pattern of spots, which serves the researchers to identify both in the wild and in captivity. These spots vary in size, shape and even color. The males are darker and has no hair on top of his horns. It is often believed that giraffes are among the most peaceful animal in the world. Do some basic sounds, but not very often. It is believed that most of their communication is done in tones so low that humans can not hear. This is a fascinating fact that many researchers they would like more time to better understand these animals. Nigerian Giraffe is the species considered to be endangered at the moment. It is commonly known as the West African Giraffe and are not serious efforts have been made to protect it. When you consider the long list of animals that are desperately low numbers, it needs tend to be overlooked. If they do not have to worry much natural predators, only about a quarter of the offspring reaches maturity. This is because the lions and other animals they see them as an easy target. That, combined with the fact that they have a gestation period of over a year, causing their numbers are very difficult to increase. Giraffes can live in the wild of about 20 to 25 years with the right conditions. Sleeps short time, about 2 hours a day in periods of about 10 minutes. Almost always do upright, with the exception of the weak and the young.