A man selling Pretzels on a street in Berlin, Germany. Everybody loves pretzels. In Germany, for some reason they’re called “brezels”, and the best ones come from the South (Bavaria in particular). But that doesn’t mean the Teutonic capital has been slouching off when it comes to knot-baking -- and these places are the proof. Neukölln As their name explains, this place takes pretzel baking to a co.-level regime, meaning you can find tons and tons of variety here, including pretzels covered with toppings like sesame, cheese, poppy seed, and pumpkin seed. For variety and chewy flavor, it’s the best option in the city, and they also have a pretty great menu of Bavarian breakfast and lunch options. Kreuzberg This Kreuzberg café offers all sorts of pretzely goodness including p-bread sammies like tomato & mozz; pretzels topped w/ butter-and-herb spread; and chocolate-covered numbers -- also, as a bonus, in the PM hours the coffee shop-style café hosts live music performances too.