WURST, SAUSAGES AND BEER IN A BIERGARTEN, TIERGARTEN, BERLIN, GERMANY. Beer gardens are most common in Munich, where you can visit the granddaddy of all beer gardens during Oktoberfest. But by now the beer garden has become part of the cultural landscape throughout Germany. If you travel to Berlin during the summer, when the days are long and the city is ripe with action, you won't want to miss a trip to one of its many beer gardens. They're a casual way to relax outdoors and rub elbows with the locals, especially when sitting at one of those long, communal, picnic-style tables. Go tradition with a Weissbier or Hefeweizen, or with Berlin's version of the wheat beer, a Berliner Weisse, often spiked with raspberry, woodruff herb, or lemon syrup. Other options include Pilsner, Schwarzbier or Alster, a mixture of Pilsner and usually Sprite or 7-up that's also known as a Radler. Here are some of the best beer garden options out there.