A man in a trance in one of the pools of Saut d'eau. Voodoo Festival Saut d'Eau is celebrated every year on July 16 to coincide with the day on which in 1847 appeared a vision of the Virgin Mary. Thousands of devotees coming from all parts of Haiti are bathed in this water for purified or pra lose the Grand Master that their dreams become reality. Voodoo is the main religion of Haiti. The followers need to be possessed by a spirit Iwa to communicate with Grand Met, since this is abut far from the physical plane. In the photograph, an adept is possessed by the great Iwa. Cries and movements are convulsive. The trance, at which time Iwa spirits enter the body of the followers. From early morning, the faithful Haitians begin to go to cemeteries laden with coffee, "klerec (native of strong drink alcohol) and all types of food to offer to the spirits. Voodoo, although not a form always visible, is present in all areas of the country's life and even the blue and red colors of the flag represent Ogou, spirit of war, fire, and the cosmos. Before the ritual demands that these women consecrated to the voodoo religion purify their bodies and cleanse their sexual organs and the fluid removed from a bottle filled with herbs before receiving the spirit. Violent movements, dancing and alcohol consumption continues to characterize the times that voodoo priestesses lend their bodies to spirits of the dead. The crowd, which always remains about the priests, alive with singing and shouting to them in their contacts with the other world. Another essential feature of this religion of African origin is its deep fluency, partly because it has no liturgy or theology and partly written by the diverse influences that have had other religions.