Person in a trance, with eyes and by jerky movements, one is possessed by the spirits of Iwa. Voodoo adherents once a year perform the pilgrimage to coincide with the date that was seen in 1847 a vision of the Virgin Mary. In general, voodoo is considered that there is a supernatural entity last, call in various ways, the most common or Mawu Bondy (sometimes referred to a partner, Mawu and Lisa) and regent of the supernatural world, but this is remains inaccessible and alien to the human world, so that communication with the supernatural world is to be carried out through the numerous eulogies (Baron Samedi, the Maman Brigitte Damballa, etc), supernatural entities also act as intermediary deities and that to the fact the backbone of voodoo, each having a different personality and multiple modes to be praised (by songs, dances, ritual symbols, etc.). While there is no uniform religious structures, a voodoo priest serves to contact the loas invoked, the loa speaking through him, which is attributed to the priests a great power, and get the generic name houngan, or in the case of a woman, mambo. Bokor The term is reserved for a houngan who uses his power for evil, would be equivalent to the word wizard.