Many expectant mothers who attend this festival to ask the voodoo spirits that everything goes well at the birth of his son. The maternity Iwa called Erzulie Freda and symbols are the heart and a knife. Is represented by a black Madonna and scarred mute who offer the Creole pigs and rum. The pantheon of Voduns is large and complex. There are seven children Mawu direct the cosmogonic principle, which are ethnic and are related to natural phenomena or historical and mythical figures, along with dozens of ethnic Voduns, advocates of a particular clan or tribe. Voduns there are the modern, mainly from Ghana. Various totalitarian regimes in West Africa tried to suppress Vodun with other forms of religiosity, but today flourish again. Over 30 million people practice voodoo African currently in many countries of the Gulf of Guinea. For anyone interested in the original Voodoo, history, comparative religion and anthropology, museums and markets Vodun of Ouidah and Cotonou, Benin, where it is now the official religion, "or of Lomé in Togo, is a fascinating experience. The voodoo religion involves belief in life after death, as well as the existence of various spiritual hierarchies of evil spirits, benign or amoral, called loas. These alleged influence in the underworld by the action of a hierophant.