One of the festival attendees Saut d'eau voodoo goes into a trance. Voodoo Festival Saut d'Eau is celebrated every year on July 16 to coincide with the day on which in 1847 appeared a vision of the Virgin Mary. Thousands of devotees coming from all parts of Haiti are bathed in this water for purified or pra lose the Grand Master that their dreams become reality. Voodoo is the main religion of Haiti. The followers need to be possessed by a spirit Iwa to communicate with Grand Met, since this is abut far from the physical plane. In the photograph reads one of the assistants without clothes. Old clothes are often throwing the water and then, after purified, dressed in new clothes. The Vodun or Voodoo is a theist and magical form of animism that developed among the tribes of West Africa before the historic period in the territories of what was the Kingdom of Dahomey (now Benin). The cultural area of the villages Fon, Gun, Mina and Ewe share common metaphysical conceptions, centered around the idea of a dual cosmological principle of divine order. On the one hand we find God the Creator (whose name can vary, but they define as Mawu) and secondly a number of gods or spirits actors, sons of the Creator. Creator God would thus cosmogonic principle, isolated from worldly affairs and Voduns gods or spirits are the actors who rule over earthly matters.