Beach at Kealakekua Bay, where Captain Cook died and today represents one of the largest areas of marine life, excellent for kayaking, diving and snorkeling. Big Island. THE BIG ISLAND, THE MORE VOLCANIC ISLAND. I direct my steps towards the world's most active volcano, Kilauea. Hawi'i Located in the Volcanoes National Park and covers an area of ??10000 acres southeast of the island. The current eruption began in 1983 and since then the volcano has stopped spewing lava. Sometimes this burning mass, moving very slowly, has come to engulf roads, and towns, to die at sea. This is the case of the road Chain of Crater Road, dying dramatically near the beach. I admit I would have liked to be present when in late 2002 the lava flowing near the tourists and even made ??evening boat trips to see as incandescent mass fell into the sea.