Ukulele, the instrument like a guitar is close relative of the Portuguese cavaquinho, and a fundamental element of a set of traditional Hawaiian music. Polynesian Cultural Center. O'ahu. At sunset, travelers finest always end up in the Moana Hotel, the first luxury hotel built in 1901 and still enjoys magnificent sunsets. I decide a change of scenery and get on one of the tourist trams, called Waikiki Trolley, walking the coast to get to downtown Honolulu. An elevator takes me to the viewpoint of the Aloha Tower, a tower of 56 meters high from where you have the best views of the city in all directions. Outside a craft market of small size competes with International Market Place, the Mecca of memories, although most of them are manufactured in Korea. Walking a few hundred meters I get to Iolani Palace, a palace which is the only royal residence in the United States. Construction was completed in 1882 and was the residence of King Kalakaua and Queen Liliuokalani.