Rapa Nui Moai. Stone statues. Polynesian Cultural Center. O'ahu. Pleasant climate all year Imagine a place where the weather is never too hot nor too cold, but always enjoyable. With its warm trade winds, temperature and sunny skies placid, Hawaii is an ideal spot to visit in any season. Generally bikinis, tops and shorts are the perfect garments to accompany the stay, but if you take a walk along the beach at night may be necessary to have a light jacket. Anyone would think that the local weatherman is boring, but on the contrary, the islands have different activities and varying conditions. In the nightly news can be found surfing reports on each of the islands, the state of the tide and wind, rainfall statistics among other detailed information. The Hawaiian Islands are full of incredible contrasts. The terrain variation makes visitors Hawaiian islands to experience climatic differences. For example, on the island Hawaii, known as the Big Island (Big Island), you can enjoy the beach, the sun while heli-skiing at the top of Mauna Kea in the same day! Majestic mountains of Hawaii, whose height reaches 4.205m (13,796 feet), consisting of a range of climates ranging from tropical to subarctic. The climate on the islands is never monotonous, no doubt, is thoroughly enjoyable.