Reminiscent of a past hippie and surfer on the town of Haleiwa. O'ahu. Hawaii has only two seasons: summer, from May to October, and winter from November to April. Winters are a few degrees cooler and more humid with winds from the northwest. The average temperature in the islands is around 26.6 ° C (80 ° F), dropping to around 23.8 ° C (75 degrees F) during the winter months to 5.5 ° C (10 ° F) when the sun goes. Higher temperatures during the summer are 29.4 ° C (85 degrees F), for about winter 25.5 ° C (78 degrees F). June and July are usually the driest months on all islands. Even in the winter months, rainfall and cloud cover are not very regular and can enjoy much time in the sun.