Surfer on the beach Ali'i Beach Park. Haleiwa. The place where you are in the islands can make a difference in reference to the weather. The east side, or leeward area in each island is usually the most cold, windy and wet, while the west side, or Windward area is dry and warm. Hawaii is one of the greenest places on earth thanks to the rains. Every day it rains somewhere in the islands and is common to see showers while the sun shines brightly. The volcanic crater of Mount Waialeale on the island of Kauai receives an average of 1,234 cm (486 inches) of rainfall a year and is considered the wettest place in the world! In contrast, there are some parts of the islands that are 15.2cm (6 inches) or less of annual rainfall. Hilo, on the island of Hawaii, is the wettest city in the United States with 330-508 cm (130-200 inches) of rain per year. In the islands is very common as rain mist, known as "kilihune" in Hawaiian, perfect for cooling.