Reminiscent of a past hippie and surfer on the town of Haleiwa. O'ahu. Hawaii is a paradise for surfers, with the biggest waves and the world's cleanest barrels. On the North Shore of Oahu is done most popular professional competition in the sport, "Vans Triple Crown of Surfing" is held annually during the months of November and December. Check the surf reports to find out which parts of the islands offer the best waves. Hawaii visitors you are amazed by the warm ocean temperatures. Depending on the season, the temperature on the surface of the ocean surrounding the coast can vary from 22.7 to 26.6 ° C (73-80 degrees F) No doubt that is a pleasure to swim well! With sea breezes, clouds in Hawaii does not last too long. The clouds tend to occur in the mountains, causing precipitation and are ongoing. If you notice that the sky becomes cloudy do not worry, before long, they disappear. And if you encounter unexpected rain, rest assured, because the sky can be solved in minutes. The mild climate of Hawaii, beautiful views, warm and soft ocean breezes make the islands become the perfect destination for your vacation.