Panoramic views of Waikiki Beach at sunset. O'ahu. Today, it is estimated that between 255,000 and 275,000 native Hawaiians living in Hawaii. You can add that in these times the number is increasing at an estimate of about 6,000 people per year, the highest rate of growth in Hawaii ethnically. Most Native Hawaiians have less than 50% pure Hawaiian blood. In the U.S. Census of 1990, there were 1,108,229 people living in Hawaii. Of these people, 369,616 were white, 247,486 were of Japanese ancestry, were down 168,682 Filipinos, 138,742 descendants of Hawaiians and finally 68,804 were Chinese descendants. The Health Supervision Program have separate numbers, showing that native Hawaiians with a population of 205,079 would be the third largest ethnic group after Caucasians (262,605) and Japanese (222,014). The Office of Hawaiian Affairs believes that this discrepancy in numbers between Health Supervision Program and the U.S. Census of 1990, is due to the fact that PSS data include mixtures of pure Hawaiians with those who are not. It is likely that many of these individuals, to respond on its own identification in a single ethnic group in the U.S. Census records, chose another ethnic group was not Hawaiian. The Office of Management and Budget of the U.S. Government announced in October 1997 with the arrival of the new millennium, native Hawaiians have their own category in the census.