Surfboards on the beach at Waikiki Beach. O'ahu. Marriage License in Hawaii The happy couple must acquire a state license to legalize the union, this is achieved for a small fee. It is advisable to start the process to license one month prior to the date on which to perform the ceremony. As soon as the license is issued, the ceremony can take place. You need to have your birth certificate, and other testing or identification documents, tax information and any other important documents. If you or your partner were previously married, this documentation will also be required. You will sign the document in the presence of a witness, the official license will arrive by mail, and so, the magistrate signed the documents on the day of the wedding. Find out more at the website of the State of Hawaii: How to apply for a marriage license in Hawaii Marriage Certificate Once the ceremony is performed, a marriage certificate must be signed so that the union's official. Your pastor or magistrate will prepare the document and file the signed certificate with the Department of Health. The newlyweds will receive a copy of the certificate. Justice of the Peace You should choose a person who is licensed in the state of Hawaii to perform your ceremony. For more information on obtaining a judge for his wedding, visit the website of tourists from Hawaii: