Heleakala Bicycling Down National Park from Highway 365 to the intersection of Hana . Maui. While surfing suffered a decline in the late 1800s after the arrival of Captain Cook , it would be important again with the help of some surfers fans . Duke Kahanamoku is perhaps the most remembered and respected surfer in Hawaii , an Olympic champion in swimming who played Hawaiian athletics and helped the sport reach incredible popularity . A Duke is credited with bringing surfing to the mainland and possibly Australia . In 1905 , Duke and his colleagues created an influential surf club for many, called Hui Nalu ( Club of the waves ) . Duke and his companions were known as " The Waikiki beach boys , " were real kings of surf amid epic return . Surfing Skills Surfing Triple Crown , the largest competition of the sport , is given annually on the North Shore of Oahu , starting in November and extending through January. The surf can be unpredictable , most surf contests are postponed days or weeks, depending on favorable or unfavorable days allotted for the competition. Other popular events include surfing Menehune Contest and Haleiwa International Open, the Excel Pro , the Quicksilver Eddie Aikau Big Wave Invitational, the Backdoor Shootout , the Pipeline Pro Bodyboarding , the Women's World Bodyboarding Championship , the Monster Pipeline Pro , the Banzai Pipeline Women's Championship, the Buffalo Big Board Contest , the Pipeline Bodysurfing Classic and many more amateur events that take place on the islands. Song of the Surf recorded by historian Abraham Fornander , recited by the old kahuna to stoke the waves: Ina aohe nalu , laila aku i kai , penei and hea ai ( If there are no waves , invoke sea work as follows ) Ku mai ! Ku mai ! Ka nalu nui mai mai Kahiki ( appear , appear great waves of Kahiki ) Alo po i pu ! Ku mai ka pohuehue , ( the curly waves Ponderosa . Arise with pohuehue ) Hu! Kai koo loa. ( Well above raging waves . )