Ho'okipa Beach, one of the best beaches where surfing. Formed by underwater volcanoes Hawaiian islands were formed from volcanic activity, which means that are enormous peaks of submerged mountains in the ocean, which in turn grew out of huge volcanic eruptions. The volcanoes are active today and the creation of new land can be witnessed on the big island of Hawaii. Some numbers The highest mountains are located in the largest island. Reaches 4.205m Mauna Kea (13,796 feet) and Mauna Loa 4.169m (13,679 feet) above sea level. The average elevation in the state of Hawaii is 923 meters (3,030 feet) above sea level. Hawaii is the state number forty-three in size within the fifty states that make up the United States, ahead of Rhode Island, Delaware, Connecticut, New Jersey, New Hampshire, Vermont and Massachusetts. The total area is 16,635 km2 Hawaii (6423 miles square) and 11.675km2 (4508 miles square) covered by water. The total cost of 1.207km (750 miles). The longest river is the Kaukonahua on Oahu, measuring 53km (33 miles) long. The largest waterfall is Kahiwa of 533m (750 feet) located on Molokai. Hawaii's geographic location is: 21 ° 18'41 "N, 157 ° 47'47" O classification by size islands of Hawaii's Big Island: 4,038 square miles (10,458 km2) Maui: square 729 miles (1,888 km2) Oahu: 607 miles square (1,572 km2) Kauai 551 square miles (1,427 km2) Niihau 72 square miles (186 km2) Kahoolawe 45 square miles (116 km2)