Playing the guitar near the emblematic and ancient building Lahaina Court-Prison. Maui. These are completely different wave tube California, which typically have a wavelength of 100.5 m (330 feet) and a period of about ten seconds. When a tsunami reaches shallower areas, can low tide and high wave energy increases destroying everything in its path. Coral reefs, bays, rivers, ocean bottom characteristics and the falling tide can help modify the tsunami as it approaches the coast. Tsunami waves rarely break on the coast. Sometimes it may break away. Sometimes the tsunami wave can form a pronounced when moving from an area deep into a bay or river. The first wave may not be the most powerful in the series of waves. Some coastal areas may not suffer major damage, while in others, the waves can be violent and powerful. Flooding can extend inland 305 m (1,000 ft) or more tracts of land covering not only with water but with debris and that it entails. The waves tend to move objects and people out to sea when they retreat.