Kalaeala'i Congregational Church . Malena . Maui. Hawaiian Flag Hawaiian culture is known for its feature of incorporating deeply rooted symbolism and multiple meanings . Ka Hae Hawaii, or the Flag of Hawaii, is no exception . Ka Hae Hawaii is a beautiful and symbolic representation of the many facets of the rich and unique history of Hawaii . The Hawaiian flag symbolizes the Kingdom of Hawaii , Republic of Hawaii , its previous position as a territory and its current position as a member of the United States. Being one of the oldest flags still in use, the Hawaiian flag flies proudly in many locations throughout the islands , including many government buildings , schools and private homes. The history of the flag of Hawaii The story of how he conceived the Hawaiian flag is very interesting. Although historians can not agree on the exact details , it is known that Kamehameha the Great ( Kamehameha I) was responsible for its design . We can better understand the meanings behind the Hawaiian flag learning a little about the King who oversaw its creation. Kamehameha I ruled successfully , creating a single sovereign nation and securing recognition from the major world powers . Before the King Kamehameha I rule , the individual islands were ruled by different leaders . King Kamehameha I was a warrior skilled with the idea to conquer and unite the eight major Hawaiian Islands . The King was determined ruler , dedicated to protecting the welfare and sovereignty of the people. He did not allow foreigners to interfere in the politics of the islands, but played very well the role of ambassador and strove to forge peaceful relations and harmonious partnerships . His ability to be a symbol of goodwill helped the Hawaiian Islands to become an important center for the industry - during his reign , the fur trade , sandalwood, coffee and pineapple exports (pineapple ) was undoubtedly , a good start. Relations with Britain - and the position of that nation as a protectorate - were very important to the King Kamehameha I. In 1793 , a portion of the island was ceded to the UK in communication with Captain Vancouver , a deal that was never actually implemented by the British. Some say that today the Hawaiian flag was created taking into account the Union Flag ( Union Jack ) and the American flag. The Hawaiian flag is seen as a mix between the U.S. flag and the British flag . When the flag of the new Kingdom of Hawaii was presented , the UK , France , U.S. and Japan gave its official recognition of the icon .