Landscape near the coast between Kahakuloa and Honokohau. Maui. Hapa Haole - a style which literally means "the white and part Hawaiian" where English lyrics are dedicated to Hawaiian themes. Slack Key - a style that uses a Hawaiian slack-key guitar, with loose strings. Steel Guitar - a style that uses a metal string guitar played by sliding a small metal bar on the mast. Ukulele - an unmistakable sound with this instrument with four strings. Today there are ukuleles with 8 or 9 strings. Falsetto - popular vocal style is performed using a singing technique that produces higher tones of the ordinary. Jawaiian - Jamaican Sounds molded a Hawaiian twist. Contemporary - Contemporary music from Hawaii that often mixes popular Hawaiian English lyrics. Traditional - lyrics sung in Hawaiian authentic commonly accompanied by slack-key guitars and ukuleles. Songs - The songs were a ritual in ancient Hawaii as a means of preserving history, honoring deities and organizing genealogies. Chanting can be heard today with or without music and accompanied by an ipu (a gourd drum) or pahu (sharkskin drum). The various musical influences that came to the islands came from all over the world in the mid 1800s. Since the Hawaiians learned how to play musical instruments brought immigrants were able to expand their musical abilities. Ancient chants, called olis, were accompanied by music for the first time, and the novelty was popular in the islands.