Ho'okipa Beach, one of the best beaches where surfing and bodysurfing . Maui. The Hawaiian music composers were inspired by many different influences and mixed creating a truly unique and innovative style . Gospel , pop , country western , ragtime , swing and jazz are just a few musical genres that inspired Hawaiian musicians . Gabby Pahinui , who was labeled " the hero of the folk music of Hawaii " is appreciated by many locals as it means a prototype of the music of the islands. Combining culture-oriented lyrics and mixed with sounds of jazz and slack-key guitar , was credited the success of Hawaiian music around the late 1900s. Gabby Pahinui and Eddie Kamae created Sons of Hawaii in the '60s , a band representing Hawaiian islands sounds blending traditional and modern styles . Today you can enjoy the distinctive melodies and danceable music " Jawaiian " a combination of Jamaican reggae and Hawaiian uses catchy hooks and upbeat melodies that celebrate life on the islands and transmit positive vibes . The ukulele is a four-stringed instrument shaped sharp sound guitar, his name means " jumping flea " and gained popularity after the Royal Hawaiian Quartet wowed the audience at the exhibition of San Francisco 's Panama - Pacific in 1915. The ukulele is compact and portable and can be achieved over the islands even in the smaller shops at a very good price. It can be heard in many styles of music, from reggae , rock , traditional Hawaiian music and Jawaiian . Currently , you can see the locals of all ages randomly strumming ukuleles anywhere with the power to change the frowns by broad smiles . If you want to experience Hawaiian music , simply turn on the radio in Hawaii . You can find a few local radio stations dedicated to passing only melodies of the islands. You can also get advice on live performances on the island where you are staying and experience the joy that transmit Hawaiian sounds that come straight from the heart . Witness big festivals such as the Merrie Monarch Hula Festival, the Molokai music festival , the festival of the Big Island or the Steel Guitar Association Festival on Oahu . Many local hotels offer weekend shows for tourists. No matter if it is the first time to visit Hawaii or it's loyal visitor to the islands, experiencing the joyful sounds of Hawaiian music understanding its complex roots will truly enrich .