Manila nightlife is second to none and the partying goes on into the wee hours. The Hard Rock comes to life at about 10pm. Happy hour starts at noon and ends at 7pm, making it perhaps one of the longest "hours" anywhere. Forget that siesta – get happy instead. Café Havana (tel: 757-4370) is located in both Greenbelt in Makati and Malate, and has a reputation for wild drinking and dancing. The bar hopping scene is centred mainly on two locations: Libis in Quezon City and Malate in Old Manila. A bottle of beer will set you back about P150-P300, depending on how snazzy the place is. Meanwhile Grappa's brews its own beer and offers an interesting selection of flavoured beer in addition to an excellent menu.  Should you find yourself up in north Manila of the evening, you may want to check out Seventyseven Café and Bar (tel: 7839-1982). With a homey, ’70s throwback feel, this family-run business presents relaxed alfresco dining. The cosy restaurant downstairs serves its signature chicken cacciatore and chicken marsala and has a decent selection of white and red wines. Testosterone-crazed Alpha Males will head for the beer and bawdy ruckus of places like P Burgos Street and Malate, where skimpily-clad ladies coo from neon-lit doorways, urging the purchase of an overpriced drink in a noisy establishment. Girlie bars around P Burgos Street with names like Flamingo, Rogues, Dimples, and Ivory beckon, and continue to do so until 4am while touts outside offer Viagra or Cialis at P1,000 for four tablets. You’ll be offered the Viagra regardless of whether you’re 20 or 70. That’s a lot of drinking, and partying. Regular priced beer is P150 (happy hour is cheaper) though your cooing companion’s drink will be double that.