Each activity sheet uses a type of art (visual, plastic or performing art) or a combination of types, and enables students to consolidate their knowledge of the topic in an entertaining form, either through a game or physical craft or performance activity. These activities were discussed and analyzed by all workshop participants and further developed so as to be useful region-wide as resources for World Heritage Education.  Vigan in Ilocos Sur is a place brimming with nostalgia of a bygone era when the Calesas Rule the cobblestone streets of the former Ciudad Fernandina de Bigan. Named in honor of King Fernando of Spain, it was the seat of the Roman Catholic faith in Northern Luzon for several hundred years. With its rows of well-preserved ancestral houses and colonial architecture that represent a European trading town in East and Southeast Asia , Vigan was inscribed in the UNESCO World Heritage List of Site and Monuments on December 2, 1999. While traversing along the cobblestone streets of the historic city on foot and later on a calesa, we found ourselves drawn in the stillness and elegance of a setting straight out of colonial Philippines