However, beneath the rustic charms of Bohol lies a thousand and one adventures just waiting to unfold.  The site of the 1565 blood compact between Boholano chieftain Rajah Sikatuna and Spanish explorer Miguel Lopez de Leganzpi Bohol's historicity is evident in the province's relaxed, laid-back pace.  Excavation in ancient burial grounds reveal artifacts dating back to China's Tang dynasy.  Indeed, the province already had strong trading ties with the Chinese long before the Spaniards set foot in the country.  Every year, the compact between the Muslim chief and the Spanish conqueror is celebrated through the Sandugo Festival in July.  All year-round, the museums and churches attest to the province's rich heritage and culture.  The Chocolate Hills is the most famous natural attraction to be found in Bohol.  The province is home to the world's smallest monkey, the tarsier.  The size of a first, the tarsier lives on the hills of Corella, some ten kilometers from Tagbilaran.  Other equally exotic flora and fauna can be found amongst the forests of Bohol..