The church's patron saint, the Virgin of the Assumption, is said to possess miraculous powers. An old legend relates that once, when the town was invaded by pirates, the people of Dauis locked themselves into the church. However, they soon ran out of provisions and water. Then a miracle occurred: a well appeared at the foot of the altar. This same well is still the main source of water for the people living close to the church, and, although the well is only a few meters from the sea, the water is absolutely fresh. The water is said to have healing powers, so, if you're visiting here, don't forget to bring a bottle and take some home.  The parish of Maribojoc was founded in 1768, and construction of a church started 1798 and lasted 18 years. Recently, the National Commission for Culture and the Arts published a 123 page book with a description of the over 40 churches on Bohol. This book, Visita Iglesia Bohol: A Guide to Historic Churches by Jose Regalado Trota, includes a short historical introduction of each church, and continues with a tour around the church complex. Includes black and white pictures.