The Ifugao have some customs and rituals that seem rather strange to the Western observer. In some areas, for instance they do not bury the dead. Instead they wrap them in cloth and hang them in trees where they drip during decomposition. Once the body has been reduced to a skeleton it is wrapped in what is called a death blanket and kept under the eaves of the hut. The Ifugao people also engage in elaborate rituals to appease their dead ancestors. Priests plead on behalf of the people to request the dead not to come back for their relatives. Animal sacrifices are also offered to appease these dead ones. The Ifugao are a very industrious and friendly people. They are extremely courteous to visitors. The women will rise from their hard work in the rice paddies to greet newcomers. At the village they will present visitors with rice wine in a communal cup as a symbol of friendship. Many of the villagers have travelled and know about the outside world.