The tropical paradise islands of Palawan have exceptional natural beauty with white beaches, sheltered bays and underground rivers. One of the best scuba diving sites in the world, Palawan is home to coral reefs, wrecks and colorful sea animals. These Southeast Asian islands are also an outdoor adventure wonderland with jungles, mountains, underground rivers, magical lakes, and rich flora and fauna just waiting to be explored. The tropical island province of Palawan is located between the South China Sea and Sulu Sea in the Philippines. There are several smaller islands surrounding the main island. Palawan is home to rocky bays and white, sandy beaches great for sunbathing, swimming and water sports. The rich underwater world with its corals, caves, exotic fish species and other marine life is best explored on snorkeling and diving in Palawan. Tubbataha Reef National Marine Park, one of the two UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Palawan, is one of the best dive sites in the world. On the white beaches of Palawan you can even spot some endangered sea turtles.