Jeepneys bound for Bahile Wharf are stationed along the Puerto Princesa market. Bahile may also be reached by chartered vehicle. Although trips to the Underground River are irregular, pumpboats along the wharf may be hired for a day trip to the river. From here, a 2.1 kilometer trek towards the river entrance follows. Bahile is 77 kilometers away from Puerto Princesa City. Deep within the limestone and marble peaks of Mt. St. Paul flows the Underground River, one of Palawan's most famous spots. Outside the river's mouth is a beautiful lagoon with crystal clear waters that teem with fish. Running eight kilometers inland, St Paul's Underground River is easily navigable for at least four kilometers. On board a paddle banca with outriggers, equipped with carbide or kerosene lamps, one enters a new and mystical environment exploring the pitch dark interior recesses of the cavern. Every turn and bend reveal huge stalactites merging at the water's surface and reflecting colors from yellow to reddish brown.