Try not to step on or break off branches of corals. Save energy by turning off lights and appliances when you leave your hotel room. Conserve water, and take your garbage back with you especially when you explore the secluded beaches on more than 40 islands dotting the turquoise sea. Also, be careful when buying souvenirs, because they could end up costing a lot more than you paid for them. Think twice before you buy any products made from plants and wildlife, including tortoise-shells and corals -- they could be endangered species and trading and transporting them will therefore be illegal. Lastly, give feedback. If a tour, tourist service, or hotel was environmentally sensitive and informative, or if it could have been better, tell the owner or operator. Tell others about El Nido and the need to protect its environs. Visiting El Nido as an eco-friendly tourist means you help the local economy while helping save the environment. Visiting El Nido would also help you, your family and friends appreciate the majestic beauty of nature.