From Puerto Princesa, take a five-hour bus or jeepney trip to Quezon over first class asphalt road. The first trip is at 6:00AM At the Quezon Wharf, pumpboats are available at chartered trip to Tabon Caves. Quezon is located 157 km. south of Puerto Princesa. This chain of caves is where fossils and crude tools of ancient man dating some 22,000 years back have been unearthed. The main entrance to the caves, measuring 18 meters high and 16 meters wide, overlooks a beautiful bay studded with white sand beach islands. This leads to a dome shaped chamber of imposing dimensions about 90 meters deep. At the time of Tabon Caves' discovery a large quantity of cultural materials and chinese pottery were found. Most of the artifacts have been transferred to the National Museum in Manila for preservation. Excavations established that these caves are among the oldest habitations in Asia. Of the 200 caves in the Tabon Caves Complex, only seven are open to visitors.