They report 160,000 tourists visited or stayed in Boracay in 1997 and Koreans are major in numbers. In Visayas there are many marine sport spots with coral reefs and white beach. Among them four km long white beach of Boracay is beyond contrast. There are a lot of restaurants and hotels along the white beach though they are hidden behind coconut trees planted. A peaceful atmosphere - though' fairly busy - and friendly locals. The sand is remarkably white, soft, in no way gets hot and extends for 3 miles. There is a massive diversity of small hotels, restaurants and bars offering international cuisine just off the beach, comparatively cheap and relaxed. Although rated as one of the top ten beaches in the world, current tourism expansion has lead to some environmental concerns. The code in Boracay is precisely casual. Walking barefoot than shoes is the law rather than the exclusion. Wavering discos have the beach for a floor, giving dance a new twist. From sundown to sunrise, the island turns into one big party place where everyone is welcome to join in. Boracay is the ideal site for golf, tennis, bowling, even beach volleyball. Top-of-class facilities for these activities are available in the island. For golf bugs, Fairways and Bluewater Resort Golf and Countryclub has an 18-hole championship course.