Whether you’ve decided to stay in a small resort, or rent a house, it is important to book early.  It is not unusual for places to be reserved up to one year in advance.  To make sure you get exactly what you want, especially when renting a house, make plans, and book as soon as you can.  There are several rental agencies on the island waiting to assist you with vacation rentals.  If renting a house isn’t for you, there are also resort rooms and villas. Generally, houses collect rainwater, and it is stored in cisterns.  This is the water that is used by the homes (ex. taps, showers, hoses, etc.).  For this reason, it is very important to try and conserve water.  Also, power outages are not uncommon during peak seasons, and not all rental homes are equipped with generators.  Because our water is held in cisterns, it requires a pump to bring it into the house.  During power outages, the pump will not run, therefore, toilets, showers, and taps will not work.